A Breath of Fresh Air

Made Fresh Daily was and still is a breath of fresh air in the South Street Seaport. Owner Jackie Goewey oversees a kitchen brimming with fresh and organic ingredients, and I never get tired of the menu, which riffs on staples like curried chicken, biscuits, and chili. And the sandwiches are outstanding. Try, for example, the BLT egg sandwich: farmhouse scrambled eggs, peppered bacon, roasted cherry tomatoes, and arugula mayo on a croissant ($8.50).
Despite thigh-high flood waters in their main seating area (which is raised and was less damaged than the restaurant's ground-level entrance), the bright café is still a laptop-toter’s refuge amid the struggling streets just outside. Trust me: hiding out here for a bit with a cup of coffee and a Balthazar croissant will revive anyone's optimism.


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Made Fresh Daily
226 Front Street, New York, NY 10038
Breakfast and lunch

The name says it all -- Made. Fresh. Daily -- and one can see the philosophy in action.  Order your sandwich and watch it being built in the open kitchen, where the MFD team huddles around a big worktable in between dashes to the fridge and stove.

Made Fresh is particularly inventive in three areas:

1. Anything to do with eggs. Breakfast frittatas, soft scrambled eggs with fresh-from-the-farm veggies, deviled egg salad sandwiches...this is Egg HQ.

2. Tuna salad. The curried tuna salad with apple and raisins is never boring, and MFD also offers other tuna varieties as daily specials.

3. Iced beverages. Iced green tea with ginger and lime...cranberry-pomegranate iced tea...yogurt smoothies.

Made Fresh Daily has a devoted following of local workers, although the occasional tourist wanders in, too. Don't miss the smattering of tabletop items for sale -- they make a lovely still life on the shelves and reveal the past life of one of the owners (she was a stylist!). 

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