Regeneration + Dylan Egon

Want: everything from the Regeneration collab with artist Dylan Egon. Need: this fabulous "Finis Temporis Trunk." The exhibition opens this Saturday, December 1st from 6-10 p.m. and includes this and many more equally stunning pieces.


Call Regeneration Furniture now!

Regeneration Furniture
38 Renwick St., New York, NY 10013
Mon-Sat, noon-6pm; or by appointment
This 17-year-old shop specializes in classic 50s vintage furniture and objects, mostly American, including early Knoll, Wormley, McCobb, Nelson, Martz and Probber. Since this period is slightly tapped out, the owners have branched into period art, such as the woven tapestries of Belgian designer Jan Yoors, and paintings by living artists, Paul Sunday and Jody Morlock. What's special? Quality. Quality. Quality.

Owners Valerie Guariglia and Christine Miele know their stuff and still get excited about it. They keep prices fair (not cheap, but come on, they're paying Soho rent), offer high quality and are helpful and honest. Superficial factoid that may sway your opinion: JFK Jr. once bought a vintage watch from reGen. If that isn't enough to establish a following... what is?

Short backstory: The shop began humbly in 1993 as small East Village outpost but got so popular it had to relocate into a West Soho warehouse. When they pioneered this neighborhood they were across the street from a garbage truck depot; it's now a condo which holds fabulous apartments, many of which they've furnished.

-Joe Dolce

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